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                                            "The king of corporate theater..." The Wall Street Journal


  Hi and welcome to my website. It has pictures, original music, a voice-over demo to listen to, links to my books, event information and plenty of white words on a black background which I personally think looks pretty cool. 

  Anyway, the point of it is to tell you a bit about myself and what I do.   

I have an extensive background in show and event production from a number of aspects; creative director, writer, composer, often performing all three functions on the same project.  This actually works well  as the fewer brains one has to strain a production through the better.

  Over the years I've had the good fortune to collaborate with many of the most accomplished people at the top production companies and advertising agencies in the country. I've burned through three passports creating shows all over the world, from Japan to Sri Lanka, Borneo to  Korea, to Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Russia, Brazil and Australia. The projects have been an exciting and eclectic mix of Broadway shows, musical comedies, "Fantasy" at the Luxor in Las Vegas, an aerial ballet at the Detroit Auto Show, ride and drives, product launches, marketing campaigns, corporate theatre, a "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" national arena show,  film scores and theme songs, an award-winning, live action, theme park attraction at Six Flags,  book shows for cruise ships, a couple of feature films and a TV movie. 

  I've ironed Michael Crawford's tuxedo pants before a "Phantom of the Opera" concert performance in Hawaii -- it was an emergency, bathed elephants in Sri Lanka for a film, wrote a comedy operatic libretto for the cast of "Will and Grace" to perform at the Met and filled in as Deborah Messing's dance partner in rehearsals. I still have night sweats over being so choreographically challenged. I've also been prIviledged to evolve pieces of business with the wonderfully screwy Umbilical Brothers and honored to work alongside snake charmers, plate spinners, contortionists, a world champion Wushu master, mentalists, magicians, hand balancers and a gentleman who, among his other singular talents, blows up a giant balloon and pulls himself inside it. There was even a time when I was a restaurant reviewer for inflight airline magazines. I stopped this when I learned my tailor was putting two kids through college on my alterations alone. All that said, my greatest claim to fame might still be as an audience member in the Peanut Gallery of the Howdy Doody Show.   

  Happy to say, after all that  I continue to  love the work, the people and the challenges and am still amazed  by the unique power of entertainment to motivate, inspire and communicate.  And no matter the message, the product or the performance, my goal in creating shows remains the same; to touch  audiences on a personal level, eliciting emotional responses that make the moment meaningful and memorable.   

  Thanks for stopping by.  Oh, and if you get a chance, check out my commentary/criticism blog,  "IS IT JUST ME..?"




 "The Buzzer" , my first novel is now available as an ebook for Kindle at, the Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble Nook or get a  copy by just clicking on the link below.

Hope you enjoy it!


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"Ian is truly one of the most well rounded, talented individuals I have ever worked with. His knowledge of music, story and production continues to inspire and amaze me!!”

Anita Mann   Anita Mann Productions


"He’s as delightful to work with as he is creative. His manner with clients is flawless and effective."

 Alice Brimelow   Producer, Campos Creative Works




Graduate of Emerson College and a Member of the Writer's Guild of America West, Life Member of The Musicians Union 47, ASCAP, SAG/AFTRA and The Dramatist's Guild.